#23 Lost again.

Mission: read the tides, currents, charts, shipping lanes and weather before heading out.  

#21 Artist’s doldrums.

The blank sheet of watercolour paper is sometimes daunting. Or sometimes you are lost in the quagmire of self-doubt. Or whether there’s any point in painting another painting…

#18 Gospel Rock.

Mission: prove the impossible. ‘Red cedar’ | 2017 | 9×12”  

#14 Triptych unframed.

Mission: there’s a nook and there’s a crannie. Grab a toe-hold. Who’s your grannie?    

#13 Passion.

Mission: show love with paint. Lust. Harmony. Perhaps monogamy.

#12 Breezy birches.

Mission: tree-like shapes, no leaves, starkness. How can I make it more interesting?  

#11 Serenity, at last.

Mission: create a focal point. It’s hot. No breezes but the sweet smell of moss on warm rock.