#109 Early birds

Morning journey to their favourite feeding ground. | 4×4 | 2019

#108 Waiting

I’m waiting you to fill in the blank – name this painting for me.

#79 Saturday’s en-pleinair

With my very good friend, a watercolour painter like me, after a whole year later than planned, we finally got outside last Saturday to paint together. There were so many distractions, like beautiful birds, and driftwood and dogs, that we didn’t actually paint much. So when I got home to my orderly and functional studio…

#23 Lost again.

Mission: read the tides, currents, charts, shipping lanes and weather before heading out.  

#21 Artist’s doldrums.

The blank sheet of watercolour paper is sometimes daunting. Or sometimes you are lost in the quagmire of self-doubt. Or whether there’s any point in painting another painting…

#18 Gospel Rock.

Mission: prove the impossible. ‘Red cedar’ | 2017 | 9×12”  

#14 Triptych unframed.

Mission: there’s a nook and there’s a crannie. Grab a toe-hold. Who’s your grannie?    

#13 Passion.

Mission: show love with paint. Lust. Harmony. Perhaps monogamy.

#12 Breezy birches.

Mission: tree-like shapes, no leaves, starkness. How can I make it more interesting?  

#11 Serenity, at last.

Mission: create a focal point. It’s hot. No breezes but the sweet smell of moss on warm rock.