I love painting beaches. Where sun-bleached driftwood lies helter-skelter along stretches of silvery sand. Where gnarly trees cling to windswept bluffs and beach grasses hold fast against king tides and raging storms.


I love the loose spontaneous feel of watercolours. The qualities of wet paint on wet paper that flow and blend into suggestive shapes. The provocative shadows that emerge from a simple brushstroke.

Good feelings.

I like to convey optimistic moods like a sunshiny day with a clear blue sky and shimmering water on the horizon. I also like to create personalities. Herons decorated in uniform. Harlequin ducks on parade. Seagulls with attitude.


As you may have guessed I like to tell a story, trigger a memory or simply give you a good feeling with my art. Painting in watercolours is challenging because you can’t cover over an error. But I like when colour and paper interact. I like to allow for ‘chance’ but in a controlled manner. That’s my passion.


Detail from “Can you eat it?”