Where sun-bleached driftwood lies helter-skelter on long stretches of silvery sand. Where gnarly trees cling to windswept bluffs and beach grasses hold fast against king tides and raging storms. Painting beaches offers endless inspiration.


I enjoy the loose spontaneous feel of watercolours. The qualities of wet paint on wet paper. The flowing and blending into provocative shapes. When a slip-up often creates a suggestive shadow. A  simple brushstroke. The rich texture of watercolour paper.

Good feelings.

I like to convey optimistic moods like a sunshiny day with a clear blue sky and shimmering water on the horizon. I also like to create personalities such as herons decorated in uniform. Harlequin ducks on parade. Seagulls with attitude.


I like to tell a story, trigger a memory or simply give you a good feeling with my art. Although watercolours is challenging because you can’t cover over an error, I love when colours and paper interact. I like to allow for chance and let the chemistry create alchemy.


“Can you eat it” detail
Strutting the promenade” detail
“Study for Beach girl” detail
Creativity does exist, but it must find you working Pablo Picasso


For me, art is not a passion

But a compulsion.

It’s not only what I see

But a reflection of me.

When the sun makes a shadow

When the earth grows a tree

I can too. This empowers me.

It’s not just what I see

But a reflection of me