out ‘n about

Watercolours! Aaargh!

Such an unforgiving medium. Fraught with challenges. First paintings loose and free. Playful. Beginner’s luck? Next phase, paintings too contrived. Too tight, too muddy. Overworked! Ugly!

Losing confidence. Beautiful and costly paper ruined again and again. Each new blank sheet daunting. 

I push on through. It’s a love-hate relationship.

Paintings are 8×8″ format – a manageable size for en plein air excursions [painting outside].

I often use artboards cuz it’s way easier to carry in my backpack when climbing over logs and cliffs while venturing out to find the perfect inspiration for a painting.


If you want to buy an original painting or fine art reproduction it’s easy-peasy. Order from my CONTACT page.

Thank you for dropping in. I hope you’ve had a chance to ponder as well as get you hankering for summer.



Detail from Willow Creek